The Operational Sustainabilty Platform

Climate Club is the go-to solution for companies and leaders seeking to deliver breakthrough sustainability and financial results.

How it works

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It all starts with collecting better, enriched data through automation

Our consolidated data platform automates new data collection and connects with key systems and people to provide real-time data unification.

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Customized insights unlock a roadmap of tailored actions by team

Our platform translates relevant sustainability goals into business value with the ability to target tangible action to each of the key stakeholders in their unique roles.

Use our expert-built, function-specific playbooks to drive action

Through our expert-developed process, we enable you to deliver the key components to embed sustainability into key business functions and drive results.

A graph showing the reductions a company is making in CO2 emissions.

Solve Scope 3 challenges and embed sustainability

Say goodbye to inaccurate estimates through our bottoms-up data collection methodology that provides measurements aligned to industry-standard frameworks.

Sam Israelit

Chief Sustainability Officer at Bain & Company

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Reduce costs

Cost savings for 3M since introducing their “pollution prevention pays” program

Enhance retention

Of employees expect their employers to become more sustainable

Increase revenue

Revenue increase realized by HP in 2021 from sustainable impact efforts

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